How to Open a PDF file using Adobe Air AS3 for PC, Mac and Mobile (iOS and Android)

StageWebView is a solution for viewing a PDF or Webpage under ActionScript 3 Air (PC, Mac, Mobile, iOS and Android) Application.

 var pdf_file:String = "your-pdf-file-name.pdf";
 var pdfView = new StageWebView();
 pdfView.stage = stage;
//Set mask area(x,y,w,h)
 pdfView.viewPort = new Rectangle(20,103,960,640);
//Your PDF file location based on your operating system i may change "app:/"
 var filePath:String = new File(new File("app:/includes/"+pdf_file).nativePath).url;
 pdfView.loadURL( filePath );
//Alternatively you can use a URL to view webpage.