Redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS using an .htaccess

Create a .htaccess file then write this code you will redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS. ##Global Http to Https Redirect RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R,L] If you want a single page to redirect http to https then use this code. ## single page redirect RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^redirect-http-to-https-page\.html$ [R=301,L]

How to Use Accelerometer in AS3 AIR

Question in Mind: How to control a car with Accelerometer sensor in ActionScript 3 (AS3)? How to read Accelerometer sensor property with ActionScript 3 (AS3)? How to test Accelerometer with AS3 in iOS And Android Devices? Solution: Step 1 – Open Adobe Flash then create a new document using File > New… > from “General” … Read more

Create PDF or JPG File in Adobe Air Using ActionScript 3 and AlivePDF Library

We can use purePDF or AlivePDF ActionScript 3 libraries for creating PDF from Adobe Air. This example code showing how to saved and stored a .JPG file on the device. this way you may save .PDF file also. I will show full PDF example here. f = File.documentsDirectory.resolvePath(fil_name+”.jpg”); stream = new FileStream();, FileMode.WRITE); i = new … Read more

How to Open a PDF file using Adobe Air AS3 for PC, Mac and Mobile (iOS and Android)

StageWebView is a solution for viewing a PDF or Webpage under ActionScript 3 Air (PC, Mac, Mobile, iOS and Android) Application. var pdf_file:String = “your-pdf-file-name.pdf”; var pdfView = new StageWebView(); pdfView.stage = stage; //Set mask area(x,y,w,h) pdfView.viewPort = new Rectangle(20,103,960,640); //Your PDF file location based on your operating system i may change “app:/” var filePath:String … Read more

How to Play and Stop Sound in Flash ActionScript 3

You may searching a solution for how to play and stop sounds in Flash ActionScript 3, play and stop button in flash, how to stop audio in flash, how to stop audio in flash cs5 or how to stop audio in flash cc, stop all sound as3, Actionscript 3 stop sound on frame. all of … Read more